Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another day with Shane and Youjeong

The whole purpose of spending time in Vancouver was to visit our friends Kenda, Shane & Youjeong and Anne-Marie. So we spent our time jumping from one friend to another. And Annie was awesome enough to let us crash at her place every night (with the exception of one). It was a wonderful trip and I'm so grateful to have these people in my life. I really really miss them now that I'm in Regina.

Waking up to a Western style breakfast couldn't be better Especially with the sun peaking in the big bay window in their apartment........lovely!
Next mission of the day was to burn off our breakfast calories with a nice hike. And let me tell you the fresh air was amazing!!!!
Took a rest and played in the water with the dog
Then headed to the beach!
Awesome time with awesome people!


jihye son said...

Everywhare so beautiful!!!!
mountin mountain , water , sky , forest!! wow

if i were you, i feel become healthy!

소정 said...

Hello! I'm Sojung. Do you remember me? Canada is sooooo beautiful. I want to go there. You look very happy:)

Why am I here??? said...


Yes Canada is a very beautiful country Jihye. And I am saving a room for you so you can study English at my university and live with us......ANY TIME!!!

Yes I remember you Sojung. Are you still living in Korea? I really really miss Korea right now ;(