Friday, August 27, 2010


Korea is my HOME!

Everyone keeps asking me what it's like to be HOME. And to be honest it's wonderful in so many ways, but it doesn't feel like home. Everything is so unfamiliar. I got on the bus the other day before the old lady could get off (my bad!). Then I stood in front of someone because I didn't know people left so much space in between each person in line. The personal space thing is a little ridiculous. Then there are all the rules. You can't smoke directly on your balcony (don't worry I don't smoke, but Sung Hyun does), you can't j-walk, you must leave a 20% tip at a restaurant. All these rules seem so silly to me!

And then complete strangers say 'hi' to you when you walk down the street. And people riding the bus over use the word 'thank-you' while exiting. Silly, silly, silly, and so strange.

But then again fellow Canadians look at me with my camera in hand, taking photos of the overly large pop bottles in 7-11, all while thinking 'how strange', as I play tourist in my own country.

Immigration at the airport went really smoothly. Sung Hyun had some difficult time answering some of the questions after 4 hours of sleep in the airplane over a 48 hour period. But they stamped him in without hesitation. He automatically qualifies for free health insurance, and he can go downtown to apply for his social insurance number (SIN card) and then start working that afternoon. How sweet it is to be Canadian!

But for now, my country seems so foreign and weird and strange. And I like that!


Helena said...

Welcome back!

Diana E.S. said...

I cannot get over how prolific e-readers and smartphones are. People here now look like all the Koreans hunched over their phones on the subway all the time. It's bizarre.