Sunday, August 15, 2010

A big post about NOTHING and EVERYTHING!

I'm not an organized person (and my spelling sucks)! And you, my lovely blog readers, already know I'm neither a) consistent with my blog posts nor b) organized with my thoughts. So this too will be another random post about EVERYTHING and NOTHING. This post is for me - more or less a way for me to get my thoughts down on paper, or in this case floating around in the blog sphere. So here goes:

I'm leaving Korea in 1 week.

To be frank, I'm not really sure how I feel about leaving. I know I need a change in my life but I'm certain I'm not ready to buy a house or get a full-time job and I'm about a hundred years away from wanting to have children. Everyone asks me about my plans when I return to Canada and to be honest, I don't have any. I'm excited to go to Canada, but I'm sad to leave Korea. I have learned that I love learning about different cultures and I'm madly in love with Korean culture (and Korean boys, but that's a given). These 5 years abroad are probably just the start of something much bigger to come (at least that's how I feel today).
I never got to say 'good-bye' to this guy. My ultimately awesome and amazing friend Charlie. He was planning to come see me this weekend but his weekend military leave got cancelled. I'll miss you FRIEND!!!! I LOVE K (Korea) too. Or incase you can't read the fine print. K (with a colon) : to touch sb with your lips as a sign of love, affection, sexual desire, etc. or when saying hello or goodbye. LOVELY!!!! The perfect part-time job for my obsession with Korean men (joking, joking)
These are my favourite students of ALL TIME. These 4 have become my family away from home. They know a lot about me and have given me a lot of helpful advice when dealing with Korean family stuff. I'll miss each and everyone of them ;)
This week marked the last time it's acceptable to drink beer on the street in front of a convience store. Damn I'm going to really miss doing this!!! And especially you Donata, my partner in crime! Mischief and shy girl - we make a good pair.
Can you guess which one of us is mischief girl?

I will most definitely miss partying it up with random cute Korean boys until the sun comes up (cough* Friday AND Saturday night). Yes I'm married. And yes for having such an awesome tolerable husband ;) I heart heart heart MY Korean boys (okay they're not ALL mine, I'll share)!!!!
Instead of paying $1300 for the studio wedding photos we were going to get, just so that I could get a cool shadow box frame, we opted to get some of our travel photos professionally framed instead. I'M SO IN LOVE. So much in love that I was only a little* bothered that it cost $260 to pack and ship this frame to Canada. *Okay a little more than a little bothered!
This week I enjoyed some Makoli (Korean rice wine) with my neice. Her English has come a long way since I first met her 4 years ago.
PIG FEET FOR DINNER THIS WEEK. Okay I opted for the leftover pizza instead. BUT......
......I did try one peice! I'm going to miss crazy Korean pizza with it's sour cream, potatoe, bacon, sweet potatoe, corn and anything else you can find in your fridge. Delicious (this time I'm not being sarcastic)
I bought new glasses. Sung Hyun bought 5 new pair. He's crazy! I'm not sure how I feel about them. They are a little big for my face, but I like the way they make my eyes look greener My former student invited me to her place for a good-bye dinner. Their family really has taken care of me and we have shed many tears about my departure. This girl is going to be a famous artist one day. In the photos above (aren't my husbands photography skills grand?) I'm holding her present to me. You'll have to wait till I set up my place in Canada to see what it looks like
This office no longer uses papercups!
This is how I found Sung Hyun one morning. Lately it's been so hot in my mother's house (NO AIR CONDITIONING THIS SUMMER HAS ALMOST KILLED ME) I've been sleeping with only my underwear and a tank top in my mom's/ everything room. One morning I woke up and my tank top was twisted around my body and yup my boobies, in all their glory, were exposed to my mom who replied with '예뻐' (which means beautiful). NICE MOM, NICE!
Living in my parents basement upon return to Canada will feel like a mansion and an icebox.
I'm sad that I couldn't power through and finish my Korean studies. Working and studying and working some more just got the best of me. After an in-class meltdown (yup I was bawling in front of all my classmates. Poor teacher!) I decided that my own sanity was more important and didn't show up for the last 8 classes. I also missed the final exam. BOO for not being able to finish level 2 at Sogang but YAH for learning a shit ton of Korean.
And double boo for not eating healthy this past month.
And triple boo for the screwed up spacing on this post
Korea I'll miss you but I got the feeling I'll be seeing you again sometime soon!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see you are coming home Jen!! You are definitely going to have to come and visit me in Lloyd and perhaps we could take your hubby to West Ed - he will fit right in!! hehehe
Seriously though, think of coming back to Canada as your adventure continuing, because you know it will be an adventure to get "re-cultured" to Canada and for Sung to acquaint himself to such a different life.


Anonymous said...

How old is the photo with Charlie? Your hair looks beautiful there.

Anonymous said...

The shadow box looks awesome...can't wait until it arrives.
Marie is right..your move to Canada is just another leg in your adventure opportunity to show Sung Hyun why you love Canada too.
I'm counting the sleeps until I can give both of you a big hug.

Love you and like you.
Momma Bear

P.S. I will have to dig up a ton of blankets so you won't freeze your buns in the basement.

Anonymous said...

I just want to let you know that I have read your blog sporadically for a few months and I really enjoy it, can't wait to see what adventures you and your husband will have in Canada! I'm actually Canadian too and also heading back to Canada in a week (Aug. 23rd) after my second year in Korea. I have been dating a Korean guy for the past 10 months and I am really sad to leave him but also excited to see my family and friends again. I don't think my time here is finished however, I plan to come back again in a few months and I hope he will be waiting for me! Maybe I should start a blog of my own ^^

Why am I here??? said...


Hey Anony, that photo was taken 2 months ago.....thanks ;)

I hope the shadow box arrives in Canada safe and sound mom

Hey anony, THAT'S SOOOO totally sounds like me 4 years ago!!!!!!!! YES, START YOUR BLOG......NOW!!!

Aaron McKenzie said...

I hope you'll continue to update your site after your move back to Canada. In particular, I'd love to see some posts about the challenges of making the transition back to the homeland, and especially about doing it with a Korean spouse. My wife and I are looking at a similar move in the next year or two, so I'm always keen to hear from folks who've already done it. What did they do correctly? In what areas should they have prepared more? What would they do differently? You know, the usual hindsight.

Good luck with the move!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Gorilla. I'm Monkey.
Thank you for your present-hanji.
I made hanji case. It's beautiful!
전화했었는데, 없는 번호라고 했어요.
목소리 한번 더 듣고 싶었는데....
Call me please before leave.
I love you.
Be happy!