Sunday, July 04, 2010

Speaking Korean with Doyoung!

I love this guy!!! Doyoung helps me tremendously with my Korean. He speaks slowly and clearly and uses grammar patterns/ vocabulary that I use in my class. If I don't understand something I tell him I don't know and instead of explaining it in English, which he can speak quite easily, he uses Korean. He's really patient, understanding, and makes me feel comfortable speaking Korean. He's awesome!!!!!


David said...

Brilliant, Jen there is nothing wrong with your Korean. Your pronunciation is good and well as your conjugation. You are almost there, all you need is more practice to make it second nature. (I see a future star on Misuda) Korean is very difficult language to learn for native English speakers. According to wikipedia "The United States' Defense Language Institute classifies Korean alongside Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese as a Category IV language, meaning that 63 weeks of instruction (as compared to just 25 weeks for French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian) are required to bring an English-speaking student to a limited working level of proficiency in which he or she has "sufficient capability to meet routine social demands and limited job requirements" and "can deal with concrete topics in past, present, and future tense."" The same is true for native Korean speakers when learning English. Which explains why Koreans have difficulties in learning English despite billions invested in hawgwons and public schools.
If you don't mind Jen, more future videos in Korean with English translation for those who don't understand Korean. A great way to practice.

Annie-Me said...

yah I like that idea......and you have sooooo surpassed whatever "level" I may have pretended I was great job jen! I'm happy for you :)