Friday, July 09, 2010


Random things as of late:

1) I watched as a father made her daughter hold this bike over her head for a good 5 mintues while he scolded her on the street

2) Met some random men, slightly intoxicated, on the subway and carried on a conversation with them in Korean for about 15 minutes
3) I spend way too much time on facebook. Should I shut down my account? I don't think I will since it's my main connection to all of my friends at home and in Korea. But, damn I really need to make myself more accountable for my time
4) In an attempt to get a picture of my cute work outfit my camera fell off the ledge and broke. This is the last picture it took. GOOD-BYE CAMERA!
5) My Korean mom, god bless her little heart, pulled an embarassing stunt this week. I caught her in the act and she told me not to tell Sung Hyun. I should definitely write a book about my adventures with her. They are ......... interesting ........ to say the least.
6) I passed all my Korean exams and if I average the scores together I got an 85% (my weakest mark was reading *surprise, surprise* at 75%). I'm not so stressed about getting a good grade now even though everyone is so competative.
7) I have fought with my husband way too many times this week. He often doesn't get home till after 11 and recently he has been working on both Saturday AND Sunday. This is NOT the married life I signed up for. I've loaded my free time up with work, study and play dates with my friends but that's no substitute for my husband. I miss him!
8) This week I've been checking tickets to Canada. Didn't book anything yet.
9) I have been doing really well with the eating clean plan for the past few weeks. I allow myself some treats and then move on without thinking about it. I love how I feel and the changes in my body. Can't wait for my weigh-in with Ursula next Tuesday. Today I plan to play catch with one of my students from 63 B/D, because my husband is (you guessed it) at work.
10) I guess that's it. Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!!


David said...

I knew you will pass. Congrat

Annie-Me said...

well sh got that fancy cam....I guess it's time to go cam shopping again jennipa!

Rachel said...

Congrats on your grades.

Sorry your husband is working so much. The insane work hours are one reason why I think I would have a hard time living in Korea.