Thursday, July 22, 2010

It just feels right!

Sung Hyun will be finishing his last day of work on Monday and we couldn't be happier to announce that we have purchased tickets back to Canada!

They're ONE-WAY!!!!!

Which means we'll be making the big jump to start our new lives in Canada in ONE-MONTH.

We're leaving Monday August 23rd and flying to Vancouver and doing the drive from the Rocky Mountains to the Prairies where we'll be back in time for a wedding over September long weekend. Once I told my mom the exact dates we'd be back, less that 24 hours later she had a detailed itinerary in my inbox about which hotels we'd be staying in along the way. I think she's excited. Now if only she was here to help me get my things in order before I leave.

The to-do list is long and keeps getting bigger and bigger and I feel like my head is going to pop off. So I've just decided to enjoy my last month in Korea which means I don't plan on taking my level 2 Korean language exam. It just takes too much energy out of me so I'm just going to go to class when I feel like it and do the homework when I have time. And just really take a passive fun approach to learning Korean. Which is how it should be! And then I'm going to do my best to say good-bye to this amazing country which I'm proud to call my home for the past 5 years.

The timing feels so right. Unlike a lot of people, who unfortunately left this country before they wanted to or stayed way past their expiry date, this is OUR time. I can just feel it!



Sante said...

very nice...
Looks like same route of my landing.
My wedding was in Vancouver - drive to Kelowna - Kamloops - Rocky - Started living on flat land so called "Praries"... hope everything works out.. PS. lots of lots of welding trader jobs along with electritian jobs in Praries!

David said...

Does this mean the end Jennipal's adventure after august?

Shelley said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you both! And yes i will still need your help filling up immigration papers!

Why am I here??? said...

Sweet Sante! It's a beautiful drive isn't it? I hope Sung Hyun will be able to find a welding job easily. He deserves to get paid more than $4 an hour.

Hey David, I'm pretty sure my adventure isn't finished. We'll start a whole new one adventure in Canada, so if you're interested I'm certain I'll write about the challenges we face with culture shock and reverse culture shock!

I have all the hard copies of the immigration forms and I'll take them to Canada with us. If you need any assistance at all, just tell me what page and what form number and I'll dig them out for you Shelley ; ) NO PROBLEM!

Anonymous said...

I was coming to ask you that you keep the blog going, but it seems you've already decided :) Glad to hear that! It'll be fun to hear about the change!

Sante said...

Oh Absolutely.. Myself and my wife decided to retire in Rocky as a matter of fact I get to be in Rocky every month with my photoclub members.

FYI, couple more months of trader cert or any kinda welding accreditation is really gonna increase $$ for your half..

I work for something like Logistics part of Oil and Gas biz in AB.

But have him study Health and Occupation part such as high level cert for CPR he any way will be forced to get it.. it's mostly mandatory. (good welder gets at least 80K-90K in FT.Mc and northern AB not sure about somewhere else assuming at least 50-65K)

I'm actually being a typical number cruncher who don't know how to speak "R" sound.

Tuyet said...

Awesome to hear!!! Have fun on your drive through the Rockies... can't wait to read more about your adventures from Canada now!

Melanie Kidder said...

Hey Jen,

Are you going through Calgary or Edmonton??

Why am I here??? said...

hey Mel,

we're going through Calgary ;( since my uncle lives there!