Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hello dad!

I know my dad reads my blog but very rarely comments. Here is some of the recent art work he created for my brother's bedroom. He's so creative and luckily I get those genes from him (certainly not my mother, hehe). I can't believe how grown up my younger brother is. He knows exactly what he wants in life and doesn't mess around. THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF ME, IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY GUESSED!! He's a sucessful tax auditor for the government and bought his first house when he was 21. He's also extremely brilliant! I admire him for his direction and drive in life. Although I've got the drive, I'm lacking in direction as I often feel like I'm steering with my eyes closed and swerving into on-coming traffic (perhaps sometimes on purpose)! But hey, that's just ME!

love you and like you (nose rubs)

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David said...

You do not lack direction. Your direction is just different from your brother, its not black or white but rather chaotic in a good way.