Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coffee Talk!

I buy an iced americano double shot almost everyday at school. I never drank coffee before this Korean class but when the 20 minute break rolls around and everyone from the class goes to the coffee shop I tend to join them. The local coffee shop on campus is cheap and easy.

The problem now is that I'm not drinking it because of the flavor but now because I can't seem to get through the morning without it. I never thought I'd be a coffee drinker but, like my mom, I like it black and cold.

About a month back, one of my readers made a comment along the lines of bringing my mug to the coffee shop so that I won't have to drink it in those god awful plastic cups that just get thrown out afterwards. And to be honest there was no way I was going to bring another thing with me to school. My bag already weighs about 4 KG (no joke) and recently has become a hazard to my health (still no joke). Most days I bring along my lunch box (which usually contains lunch and supper) since I eat on the subway between classes. Then I lug my 4 textbooks and notebook with me daily. Not to mention the gazillion lesson plans for the day. And then factor in the high heels and there is no room for a plastic mug.

But that comment resonated with me and I decided a nice place where it would work. I teach English at the 63 building and for as long as I've been there (almost 2 years) they have a paper cup dispenser right next to the water fountain. More than 80 people work in the office and if they only used one cup a day then we're already at 80 cups. I asked some of my students on average how many cups they use a day and the average was 4. Four little paper cups everyday. Well you can imagine how much money each month is spent buying paper cups, not to mention how bad it is for the environment.

So I talked to the boss. He has agreed that something should be done, so starting in August they are going to take the money they would have spent on the paper cups and buy everyone a ceramic mug instead.

Let's hope this works

Thanks for the idea ;)


David said...

I guess Korea is indeed going green. Hope it last. Thank you once again.

Kathleen said...

Hi Jen-
I am so happy to read this! I hope that it works out. That is awesome news- Great job!!