Sunday, July 11, 2010

쓰기 숙제

This is some writing homework I had in my writing class. We had to bring in a photo of our friends and describe it to our partner while trying to incorporate the relative clause ending (동사) -는/은.

I love writing in Korean. Writing is my favourite class because I have an amazing teacher. She is so energetic and explains things so well. She was my writing teacher in the first level and I switched classes at the beginning of this term so that I could be in her class. She's wonderful! (선생님 안녕하세요!)

This is the first time I've written something and translated it into English. It was hard to translate because Korean is just so different than English. It took me about 1 hour to complete because I can't find the Korean characters on the keyboard very well. If you find any mistakes or can give me some positive feedback then please let me know. If not then enjoy reading my baby Korean!

위에 그림을 소계할게요........(I will describe the picture above......)
그 사진에는 세명이 있어요. 4 년전에 캐나다 식당에서 찍었어요.
저는 왼쪽에 있는 사람이에요. 큰 귀거리를 했어요. 귀거리 하는 것을 좋아해요! 그래서 보통 매일 귀거리를 해요.
(In the picture there are 3 people. It was taken 4 years ago at a restaurant in Canada. I am the person on the left. I was wearing big earrings. I like wearing earrings. So I usually wear earrings everyday.)

이 사진에서 다른 사람들하고 같이 술을 마시고 있어요. 저는 술을 잘 마셔요. 사진에서 저는 제 친구들 보다 더 술을 빨리 마셔요.
(In the picture I am drinking alcohol with the other people. I drink alcohol very well. In the picture I am drinking the alcohol faster than my friends.)

까만색 스웨터 입는 분이 세라예요. 그 친구가 제일 친절해요. 그리고 행복한 사람이에요. 세라 씨는 캐나다에서 살아요.
(The person wearing the black sweater is Sarah. She is very kind and she's a very happy person. Sarah lives in Canada.)

세라 바로 옆에 회색셔츠를 입는 사람이 크리스텔이에요. 그 친구는 초등학교 선생님이에요.
(The person directly beside Sarah in the green shirt is Crystal. She is an elementary school teacher.)

두 사람들이 너무 보고 싶어요!
(I miss these people very much!)


David said...

행복한 사람 means happy person. If you want to say fun person its:재미있는 사람. Other then that its very good. :) I see a new career for you as a translator. Did you know translators can make a very very good living.

Helena said...

I have a blog post here with a link to a Korean typing tutor. It's pretty fun!

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks David and Helena!

ashattack said...

Hey Jen,

I think it's 빨리, not 빨이. But I don't know how much you can trust me... I'm a terrible Korean speller. Congrats on the fruits of your labour. It seems you've learned a lot very quickly!


Why am I here??? said...

Hey Ashley,

빠르다 (base form) = 빨라요 (conjugated 요 form)

You should write something on your blog in Korean now!

Why am I here??? said...

I meant to say 'thanks for the correction Ashley!' but I hit the publish button by accident

Hye- yeon Kim said...

제니퍼 씨, 안녕하세요?
주말 잘 보내고 있어요?
저 김혜연이에요(쓰기 선생님)

숙제 잘 했어요. 제니퍼 씨 쓰기 실력이 정말 많이 좋아졌어요. ^^ 알기 쉽게 써서 더 좋았어요.

저에 대한 고마운 이야기도 감사합니다.
감동 받았어요. 앞으로 제니퍼 씨와 우리 반 학생들의 좋은 선생님, 좋은 친구가 될 수 있도록 노력할게요!^^*

그럼 월요일에 만나요. 안녕!