Saturday, July 31, 2010

And the list keeps growing

Hi everyone! I'm enjoying my one week off school with my husband who is now officially done working. And what an exciting week it's been. We have been sleeping in until noon and going to bed in the wee hours of the morning (I've still got my full work schedule though). Luckily our friend Myra has been away for a week so we've been crashing at her place (my old apartment) -- getting some much needed privacy and enjoying her air conditioner is nice!

Today we woke up at 2. Enjoyed lunch at the mall, picked up some new books for Sung Hyun at the book store, watched the movie Salt at the theater, spent an hour or so looking at our travel photos, and ate dinner at the local kimbab joint. Now we are both enjoying a cold beer together. A wonderful day with my husband indeed!

Since we are leaving August 23rd, he's just decided to continue his welding school, specializing in pipe welding but not go to work. He certainly deserves this break. And I'm glad he's finally taking it easy. It will be a big transition for him once we get to Canada, so he'll need this month to prepare for his big departure. He picked up a book about Canadian culture and life at the book store today. I can't wait to teach him all about Canada!!!!!

As for me, my vacation is over as of Monday. I'll hit the ground running with full-time school and work. Also we've started a list of things to do before we leave Korea. A really big list:

- buy a new camera (me)
- buy a new camera lens (hubby)
- purchase new glasses (both of us)
- pack and ship boxes to Canada (me/ hubby)
- buy clothes on G-market (hubby)
- sell car (hubby)
- buy health insurance for Sung Hyun until his PR card is processed (me)
- send home money (me)
- collect pension (me)
- find job replacements (me)
- sell English books (me)
- cancel internet/ find a new home for my new cell phone (me)
- sell/ donate Sung Hyun's computer (hubby)
- plan good-bye part and send out invites (me)
- get teeth cleaned (hubby)
- send order for framing place (me)
- try to get my mom's hanbok top framed (me)
- write a good-bye letter to each of my 63 B/D students (me)
- buy level 3 & 4 Sogang books (me)
- prepare present for Charlie (me)
- make a video for Korean mom (me)
- get studio wedding photos done (me/ hubby)
- package and ship special wedding frame (me)
- make Sung Hyun's resume (me/ hubby)
- buy some Korean essentials to pack with us to Canada (me/ hubby)
- plan Vancouver itinerary (me)

Anything else I'm missing? Certainly a lot of things to do before we leave but I'm sure we'll squeeze them in some how!

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Amy said...

Good lord I do not envy you this list. My to do list is a pretty long one at the mo'...but I think it's quite a bit less complicated. Wishing you luck!

I hope you'll come visit me at Milky Way soon :)