Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is pretty cool!

Hello y'all! So my diet diary stopped for two days since my computer broke and had to be repaired. I took pictures of everything and ate the same as I did during the week. I've got 20 food pics on my camera and didn't keep track of what time I ate what so I'm just not going to post them.

Korean class is going well. Shit, actually it's pretty hard. We are only in the first week and learning so much. Already on chapter 3 and I justed started 1 week ago. Today I learned 3 new grammar patterns and I've got about 50 new vocab words to learn each day. It's tough but good at the same time, if that makes sense.

At the Blue House today one of my students gave me a present. I helped him with some voice recording and speech writing for the G20 summit. It reminded me of my elementary school years when I participated in the Optimist Oratorical Speech Contest and placed 2nd both times, losing the $1500 scholarship to the same person (that was a lot of money in grade 8). I had a good laugh over the topic title for this year: "Cyber Communication: progress or problem" (sometimes God is too funny). Helping prep for the speech made me miss speaking in front of crowds. I love the rush that comes from that. It's probably why I like working at the Blue House so much. It's certainly challenging but I walk out of there on such a high. Anyways today my student came to class and surprised me with a box. He thanked me for my hard work and said he got promoted. Awesome for him!

On the cover: "Office of the President"

Opened the box to find some cups and saucers made from Bone China with the picture of the Blue House printed on the surface. Bone China? I was surprised to read on the internet that it's more expensive that other china due to the labour process. Hummmm interesting, now I've got to find a use for it since I've got no room in this apartment to display it!

"Pay people enough to take the issue of money off the table" LOVE IT!!! My friend Ursula found this and thought of me. How interesting considering the recent comments on my site about money:

T.G.I.F!!!! Can't wait for the weekend. Btw, World Cup match on Saturday for those of you in Korea!!!! 대한민국!!!!!

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David said...

Yes indeed. Dae Han Ming Guk