Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thanks and I'm beautiful

Hello everyone.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments. YOU ROCK, each and everyone of you!

Sung Hyun and I had an awesome chat the other night. Actually it started as a fight and then ended up in this really amazing talk about life. Things are difficult for us both right now because we are both mentally and physically exhaused. The only other time I felt this way was when I was doing BRT (basic recruit training, a.k.a. boot camp) in the military. It's rough and our relationship is the first to suffer. Anyways, I could go on but that's another story for another day.

Anyways during that talk Sung Hyun said something really meaningful to me that night. We saw this blind person the other day and Sung Hyun commented on his eyes. So that night when we were sitting outside (arguing) chatting about life he said something along the lines of, 'who cares if you have a nice face or good body and you think you are beautiful. It doesn't matter about that. Don't you know that most beautiful people is so beautiful inside. Remember that blind guy we saw? His eyes were sooooo beautiful. Do you remember? They were so clear and perfect. They were so white. That is beautiful. He was so beautiful, but people think he is so ugly. But I can see into him inside through his eyes. It's the most important in life about inside beauty. Don't you know?'

It got me really thinking about how important it is to be a good person. How important it is not to get tied up in jealousy, wishing I had more. I'm lucky. I (most of the time) sometimes don't realize it. That information wasn't new to me but hearing it from him made me realize that he's right. He's got such a carefree spirit and really need to learn from him.

Then my friend Sarah sent me an email and it ended with this line: "No matter what, you have to learn, you have to be satisfied with who you are; beautiful, smart, amazing, because no matter how much you change, the fancy clothes you wear, or the picture perfect will never be enough until you realize that you were always more than enough and beautiful just the way you are".

And damn, she's right! So for all those of you who are reading this post. Go tell yourself how awesome you are, because you deserve it! And YOU'RE beautiful too!!!!!

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