Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm crazy!

I guess I under estimated the intensity of the second level language course at Sogang. Truthfully speaking I'm probably in way over my head. I feel like I'm drowning in class. I wish I could quit my jobs to concentrate fully on this course but I know that wouldn't make sense financially. I'm the only student in my class who has a job. Everyone else is just a student. They think I'm crazy for working.

Even though I only work about 10 hours a week (give and take, usually more like 15), I'm feeling the pressure. When I breakdown my schedule it doesn't look like I have a lot on the go but in actuality I think most of my time is spent travelling. Actually I spend about 4 hours a day travelling to and from school/ work/ work/ work. I only teach an hour here and there but then when you add up the time walking from home to the bus stop, the bus to the subway, the ride on the subway then another walk to another bus station and then another 15 minute walk to work, it adds up. I'm at school from 9-1 (I leave my house at 7:30) and then at work/ travelling between jobs from 2-8. That means I get home around 9. Take a shower, eat dinner, pack my lunch for the next day and it's pushing 10. I get 2 hours of good Korean studying in at night from 10-12 (apart from the time I'm attempting to study on the subway), but by that time I'm exhausted and I find it hard to concentrate. In those 2 hours I never complete my homework. I estimate there's about 3+ hours of homework a day, not including the time it takes to memorize the 40+ new vocabulary words (minimum) we receive each day. I'm behind on my workbook by 4 chapters and that was due on Monday. I've been in the class for 10 days only. We are already half way through the first book (2A). It's crazy!!!!

It's even crazier that I signed up to do this. I can't back out now (I don't want to), so I'm going to have to devise a better plan to help me in the next month to come because I'll burn out if I don't. It's going to be a rough go for the next little while in the mean time.

Venting done!


Rachel said...

Yikes! I've heard that students can only truly learn about 10 words a week. Of course it varies, and I always teach more than that, but I think 40 per day is too many.

It's interesting to read about your language-learning experience in Korea and compare it to the way I teach ESL. It gives me some insight into my students' assumptions about language-learning.

Helena said...

All that travel is wearing! And in a city as big as Seoul it's really easy to spend a long time getting to and from places.

David said...

Hang in there, you can do it.

Why am I here??? said...

Hey Rachel, actually it's funny because learning Korean has allowed me to really understand the frustrations my students face when learning English.

Yes Helena, it certainly is wearing! But I guess it's good exercise too ;)

David, you rock!!! Thanks for all the positive comments! It's always nice to hear from you ;)