Sunday, June 20, 2010


I LOVE MY KOREAN FAMILY. I don't talk about them often on this blog but this post is dedicated to them!
There are like 20+ people in my immediate family. Sung Hyun has 5 sisters (all older) and a neice that's nearer to him in age (4 years apart) then the age separation difference between him and his youngest sister (I think - can't ask him to confirm since he's sleeping at the moment). I think after all that trying Sung Hyun's mom finally quit after getting her son. Sons are so important in this culture. She actually had 2 more sons before Sung Hyun, but they died shortly after birth, making that a grand total of 8 children that she gave birth to in her own home. None of them, including Sung Hyun, were born in a hospital.
I, on the other had, come from a very small home. Actually the size of our home is quite large but there's only 4 of us in our immediate family. And I've only got 2 cousins from my dad's side. They're both boys. My grandma used to always say I was her favourite grand daughter -- well no wonder, I was the only one.
Last weekend, we rented a pension in the country side and got decked out in our couple shirts. Yes, each family had matching shirts (and pants) and we proudly displayed them as we cheered on the Korean soccer team during their first match in the World Cup.
In no particular order of importance, here are some pictures of the weekend getaway with the fam (minus one sister + husband & children):


David said...

So you are the youngest,
therefore you are the lowest on seniority level. I hope your sister-in-laws do not make you do all the work.

Rachel said...

Ah, but you are married to the long-awaited #1 son, so that must count for something, no? I love that picture of your MIL (?) kissing you. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

What a similar family our husbands have! Mine has 5 sisters as well, with one brother thrown in LOL! Mine is also the youngest but because of that I am not well liked.... A white girl taking away the beloved youngest son :P Looks like it was a busy and fun time though!
Cindy (samuel, madalyn, rachel)