Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Day 3 - June 2

11:30 - Oatmeal + too many blueberries + 1 egg white + flaxseed with 1/2 grapefruit

1:15 - handful of almonds + 1 sweet potatoe
4-5 Largest salad ever! with carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, 1/2 can of tuna, peppers, 5 crumbled pieces of feta with balsamic vinegar and olive oil
AND 1 cup of black coffee

7 - handful of walnuts with dried cranberries (my fav. snack)


9 - small bowl of kimchi veggie soup

9:30 - 3 cherries, most delicious MANGO ever, watermelon (had to indulge in this snack, so delicious)

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Amanda said...

After reading everyone's comments telling you what to do, here's my advice (which will be worth about what you paid for it--take it or leave it).

Figure out if you're an All or Nothing person or a Slow and Steady person.

If you're All or Nothing, find one plan, figure out all the rules, plan out your meals, and stick to it. End of story.

If you're a slow and Steady, change a few things at a time. Eat no meals out for one week. Then start to adjust how often you'll eat. Then adjust... Whatever habits you want to change, but do it one rule, one week at a time (for example).

Also, keep in mind the source. It's not useful to read magazines made for bodybuilders if you're barely exercising now. It's not useful to read a magazine designed for the average Jane if you're an Olympic athlete.