Sunday, May 23, 2010

The most beautiful man I know!

Ever meet someone who had the capacity to touch your soul? The type of person who had the power to reach your heart? I have!!!The type of friendship I have with this man, is something that transcends language. It's can't be described with words. It can only be felt.

How do you say 'good-bye' to someone you care so deeply about? When I leave Korea, I will miss you the most Charlie ;)

(photo taken from Charlie's site - thanks friend)


Just An Observer said...

No offense but shouldn't the "most beautiful man I know" be your husband? Afterall, how would you feel if your husband wrote a similar thing but about another woman?

Why am I here??? said...

찰리는 제니퍼랑 좋은 친구사이라서 괜잖아요.질투 안해요.
`제니퍼 남편'

Charlie is a good friend with Jennifer so it's okay (no problem). I'm not jealous.

'Jennifer's Husband'

Tanya said...

Hey Jen,

I am confused can you explain more about this? And is this your friend Charlie?

Why am I here??? said...

I guess I made it sound like Charlie died. I was just thinking about having to say good-bye to him when I return back to Canada!

Why am I here??? said...

This is just one reason why he's the most beautiful man I know:

I imagine a lot of people are thinking this and I was prepared for these kinds of comments when I put up this post. And you're right, to an observer this situation probably can't be explained properly without it looking like I'm cheating on my husband or something. I assure you I’m not and anyways, Sung Hyun is completely aware of this special relationship I have with Charlie. Actually Sung Hyun is the one who hugs me while I cry when I tell him how difficult it will be to leave Korea and say good-bye to Charlie. I love love love my husband (I think that's pretty obvious), and I always write about him on my page so don't worry he's not jealous that I too have written about Charlie.

It's funny because the thing Charlie and I talk about the most is my relationship with Sung Hyun. Charlie has known me from day 1 in Korea, way back when I just got here. He has seen the transformation of my relationship with Sung Hyun from friends to couples to husband/ wife.

And it's really no secret how much I care for Charlie, since he's appeared on my blog before. I'm not afraid to show that I have feelings/ a deep connection with someone other than 'my husband'. The relationship I have with my husband is just completely different than the relationship I have with Charlie.

Anyways, it doesn't change the fact that Charlie is the most beautiful person I know. It could have been a woman friend that gives me so much hope and inspires me beyond belief. But it just so happened that this friend God presented me with is a man. And I'm ever so thankful that I could meet such an amazing person!