Sunday, May 30, 2010

eRection time!

Next Wednesday is election day in Korea. The streets are filled with signs. Women and men are on the street handing out cards everywhere you go. Fliers are being delievered to our doorstep.

Normal, right?

All this seems fine, until you hear them sing out their campaign promises. Or drive by you standing up in a truck with music blaring. Or listen to them moan and grumble as they preach over a loud microphone as if they are about to go into labour. I WISH I WERE JOKING!

I'm having trouble deciding who I should vote for*. Take a look at some of the options:

#1) preacher lady who's going into labour

#2) Mr. pink shirt, pink heart-shaped balloons, fist in the air guy:

#3: Dancing ladies in white:

#4: Mrs. Kimchi fingers! My goodness, it will be a tough race. I can't wait to cast my ballot.



Maire said...

I love your of two that I check everyday. I am from the US and am an armchair traveler. Your decision was right BTW...I wish I did more when I was young.....I will be reading

Rebecca said...

Hee jee I'm glad I inspired you to make the mini 'erection day' lesson - it IS very important! Love it! x

Charlie's Entertainment said...

Kimchi fingers mean No. 2