Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dog for dinner!

I didn't think I'd ever eat dog but yesterday I had the opportunity to try it. Yes I know how they are killed (although now, most shops are using more human ways) and yes I know that for some this is absolutely disgusting, but I thought I'd give it a go.

Here is the soup

The meat itself

The first bite

Another soup...
I don't know how to describe the taste. It didn't taste like beef. It was soft and tender and had a mild flavour. I was expecting it to be overly powerful and completely revolting. I was expecting to have to spit it out of my mouth. But I didn't. Eating live octopus was certainly more entertaining.
Then after the lovely couple dragged us to the dog restaurant (hehe), we hit up Yongsan to watch a movie together. Sung Hyun picked the movie and although I was sceptical about seeing an animation I highly recommend checking out How to train your dragon, in 3-D. It's the best movie I've seen in a long time. And congrats to 혜진 and Stuart, who passed the final step of the immigration process to Canada. They applied about 2 months prior to us ;) and plan to leave within the next couple of weeks. Good news for us......they'll be living in Saskatoon!


Annie-Me said...

oooo even more of an excuse for you to ccome up to s'toon when i visit....not to mention hanging out with my future niece or nephew!!!

David said...

Hello Jeenipal,
I am an avid reader of your blog. The thing I admire about you is that you accept other culture mostly base on their standard and rarely make judgment base on your culture. I believe that method is best when living in a different culture. As they say "when in Rome do as the Romans do" Thank you sharing what would be a potential controvery back home.

Why am I here??? said...

I can't believe you will be an Auntie ;) But I do like the sound of Auntie Annie.

That comment was very nice David. Thanks for your kind words.

Beloved said...

I agree with David. You rock, girl! Love your open mind. :) When I lived in Korea, I always said I would try 보신탕 if the opportunity arose, but have to say I was glad it never did. I admire you for trying it. ;P

Tanya said...

I'm sorry I can admire you for trying everything BUT dog. I own a puppy in which I feel like she is my child so I am completely against eating dog. Ha remind me to keep you away from her when you come home!

Why am I here??? said...

Yes Tanya, I can understand how you can't understand. But that's okay. Dogs are like members of the family. But these dogs, like cows and chickens, are raised for consumption. Anyways, I too respect your beliefs. And I will only love your little Rolo, hehe, when I get back ;)