Thursday, May 20, 2010


So suprise # 3, which as a job offer didn't pan out. Spoke too soon I guess.

I HATE WAITING!!!!!!!!! Waiting for word from Canadian immigration that is. As most of you know, we submitted our immigration paperwork to sponsor Sung Hyun, my husband, back to Canada. I feel so stuck, that I can't carry on until I get the final word. It says on the immigration website that the Canadian Embassy in Seoul will process it usually within six months. And to not inquire until then. We we sent it 2 months ago and had to re-submit papers since we didn't include proper paperwork for his military service. Everything is just hanging in the balance until then. I didn't think the waiting part would bother me, but it bothers me that we can't officially start our count-down to Canada until we've got our tickets in hand. THIS IS THE YEAR WE WILL GO TO CANADA!!!

I've decided to not take the next Korean language course for many many reasons (even thought I loved the first level). I plan to just enjoy my summer with family and friends and take it easy for once in my life. I work 2 days a week (Tuesday & Thursday) for about 5 hours each day. That leaves me with a lot of MEEEEEEE time. This is either going to be really good or really bad! Any thoughts?


Diana E.S. said...

You could get your mother in law to teach you all her secrets of Korean cooking :) That's what I'd do in your situation.

And I do feel for you. The waiting sucks.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the job!! we also sent in my husbands paper from korea. We got his about 3 months later. I am sure they will come soon!
Since you are coming back to Canada this year I think it is a good idea just to spend lots of time with family and friends. How many chances will you have to do that once you move away?!
Cindy (Samuel, madalyn, rachel)

Tuyet said...

That's just too bad about the immigration paperwork... patience is key!

Enjoy your summer! I work 3 days a week... and have 4 day weekends every week. Enjoy it with friends while you can. You'll be back in Canada before you know it.

Btw, I agree with Diana - cook with your mother-in-law & learn as much as you can...

Foreigner Joy said...

It was nice meeting you at the hospital today~

Annie-Me said...

yes get mil to teach you how to cook. i have been missing k food and didnt learn to make it and now i'm kicking myself. no matter what sh says....he's gunna miss k food. i lasted three months before going into withdrawal....and i'm not even korean!