Sunday, May 30, 2010

Because you ALL deserve recognition

Thank you kindly for your overwhelming support. I wanted to take the time to thank you all individually. Your kind comments and words of advice either in the comments section of my blog or in the form of private messages were truly taken to heart. THANK YOU!


Sometimes I think I'm getting behind in life because all of my friends back home are well into their career and have purchased homes. And here I am in Korea living in a room probably the size of your bathroom. It was really refreshing to read your comment about my travels. Thank you kindly Kendra.


I'm going to be rocking level 2 and you are probably going to still be able to run circles around me with this language. I too am happy that I get to see you during the summer.


I LOOOOOOVE YOU TOO FRIEND! I had this big elaborate plan to show up at your door with DQ blizzards. Actually I was going to just ring your doorbell and put them at your doorstep. Thank you for re-assuring me friend.


I guess you will eventually get the chance to annoy the roomie. Just not as soon as you liked. I hope, that if I can't make it to Steph's wedding, you'll give her an extra big hug for me. Thank you kindly for your support.


Hey P.O, what has gotten into you? I'm so touched by your message. I hope Canada and YOU will always be there for me.


Yes the ecomony sucks now doesn't it. So much for sending money home anytime soon. I'm sorry that you are wanting to go home so badly. I will be happy to guide you through the immigration process. Email me whenever you need. My advice is to work on the forms little by little.


Thanks for the hug. I remember when you first contacted me 3 years ago and you told me your story about how you married a Korean man and lived in Korea for 6 years. At that time I thought 6 years was so long. Not so much anymore. I'll never forget, you were the first person that made me realize a future with Sung Hyun could be possible. Thank you!


"Enter your summer with excitement"! What a great message. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. I'm going to do exactly that Amy!


Yes I'm quite confident in my decision and I'm pretty happy in my life as of present. I hope that I won't get too overwhelmed with school though. Btw, where did you study Korean? I was surprised to see you completely understood my Korean message! NICE!!!!


Torn between two countries! Maybe I should write a song........okay maybe not. But yes, you're right, it's wonderful to know that there are good things on each side. Thanks David.


I'm pretty certain that I won't be able to get the kind of job/ salary I currently have in Korea once I move to Canada. I know that since I'm a female, F-2 (spousal) visa holder the opportunites here are endless. I think I'm a little spoiled and it will be hard to enter the working force in Canada after this.


Hey Mel, I guess you know exactly what it's like to move back to your country once you've lived in Korea for a couple of years. I'm going to soak up as much good-stuff up as I can while I'm here. Anything you want me to do in your honour?


Thanks for sharing your story. Now we can enjoy the summer together, although I don't know how much of it I can enjoy when I'll be studying so much. Perhaps you can drag me out for a shopping date.....hehe!

Mom and dad,

I know you were probably the most disappointed since you were already preparing for our return. Find comfort in the fact that both Sung Hyun and I are really happy now. Thank you for always supporting us. It won't be too long until you kick us out of your place and tell us to fend for ourselves. HEHE! Love you and always miss you ;)



Rebecca said...

Thanks xx
And we can enjoy our birthday together to ;)

Helena said...

I served as an LDS missionary in Korea (충천 and 전라 provinces) in 92-93, then minored in Korean at BYU, then went back with my husband and taught English in Cheonan for nine months in 96-97. Haven't been back since then but I've tried to keep it up. We have a Korean neighbor now so I'm getting lots of practice.

Beloved said...

Aw...that was sweet of you! I remember when I thought 6 years was a long time, too. Fellow teachers who stayed one or two years used to joke about it saying someday my kids would be at the university where I was teaching. ;P Now all you "foreigners" over there are making 6 years look short.

Dodo said...

*aaaawwww* thank youuuuu!!!!!
야 아줌마...정말 푸럽다. 나도 가고싶어...
I'm very VERY VERY(!!!) jealous of all of you guys going to Level 2, while I have to share an office with non-talking 할아버지&아저씨 (ah sorry 교수님&박사님 of course, but they are still OLD!!!! *sigh*)....Looking forward to see you tomorrow!
Your favorite Level 1 tablemate ㅋㅋㅋ