Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm on cloud number 9 and loving every minute of life ;)

1) Finally after numerous phone calls and email messages, we finally got our refund for our trip that was cancelled. Remember THIS?

2) I finished my Korean class!!!!! YAHHH! And scored really well:
90% spoken interview,
99% grammar,
97% written speaking exam
98% writing class,
91% reading, (hehe)
98% listening.
3) The last/ most important/ really amazing thing that happened will have to wait. I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'd love to tell you but I just have to hold tight for a little while. Don't worry it's really more exiciting for me then it is for you ;)


권투선수 에이미 [Amy] said...

Come on... come on!
That's no way to leave us hanging. Spill your beans girl.


Tanya said...

Again, as I said on facebook. You are mean. You can not post stuff like that and not tell anyone!!! I'm gonna start sending you emails saying guess what happened to me and then not email you the answer for DAYS!!!

Ashley said...

I second that, share!

annie said...

something we'll find about in say, 9 months or so? hmmm....