Thursday, April 29, 2010

A whole bunch of NOTHING!!!

Just a random post about nothing in particular. First, here is a picture of the students in my Korean class. My teacher is the Korean in the middle wearing all black. Isn't she cute? Yah she's married with 3 kids -- I would have never guessed, since she looks like she's 22. She's an amazing teacher and does such a good job. And I think we have the best classmates in the whole school because I'm proud to call these people my friends!

Meet Donata, the fun German gal with an amazing sense of humor. She's an Economics Professor at Seoul National University. She's studying Korean as her 6th language. I don't have to mention how smart this girl is, but I should note she's hilarious and super fun to drink with!!!

Today in Korean class we learned the grammar form 아/어 봤어요: have tried (something), have experienced (something). And then we had to use the sentence strips given to us to make a sentence and then a dialogue. This strip reads: 소주 세 병을 마시다. The infinitive form: 'to drink 3 bottles of soju (Korean alcohol)'. So essentially we asked our partner if they have tried drinking 3 bottles of soju. Can you see why my class is so fun!!!

Next is my husband. He burnt himself pretty badly at welding school and has a huge burn on his middle finger. Every night before bed I play doctor and drench it in rubbing alcohol and iodine. He doesn't think I make a good doctor, hence the "my doctor is a shit sucks!" comments.
And he wants you to guess which finger was the broken one. Remember when he punched the wall? So put your guesses in the comments section.

I missed the cherry blossom festival this year. I had a ticket to Jinhae to go see them but I ended up staying out until 6:30 am drinking with my school friends, so needless to say I didn't get up in time to catch my 9 am bus. But that's okay because I get to see them everyday on my walk to work at the big shinny building in the back!

I heart my Korean mom. I couldn't have gotten a better mother-in-law. We laugh! We play! We dance! We sing! We joke! We love! LIFE IS GRAND!!!

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