Thursday, April 01, 2010

Immigration Letter #3

We received immigration letter #3 today. I knew it was too early to be approved right away (within 2 weeks of receiving it at the Canadian Embassy in Seoul), so I wasn't so suprised when I opened it and it read:

In order to proceed with your application, you must provide:

* Gap information on your personal history (#11 of Schedule 1) for the period(s) of: March 1998-May 1999

The thing with this is that we didn't back date Sung Hyun's personal history to the age of 18 (we were 3 months short of his 18th birthday). But I do recall reading in the instructions that it had to be since his 18th birthday OR for the past 10 years. So we did comply with the instructions and started from June 1999-Present (February 2010) which covers 10 years.

* Certificate of Military Service for you

Actually there is NO PLACE IN THE INSTRUCTIONS OR ON-LINE THAT STATES WE MUST INCLUDE SUNG HYUN'S MILITARY SERVICE CERTIFICATE IN OUR APPLICATION PACKAGE! I mean I was in the military and didn't provided any certificate, yet my application in Canada wasn't held up as a result.


So now we have 30 days to send in the documents or our application may be refused. Obviously they are going over EVERYTHING with a fine tooth comb. But I'm happy they are because it means they are doing their job right. So this may just slow down the process a little bit more. We shall see, since all we can do is wait!


Diana E.S. said...

It's a complex and annoying process. Good luck to you!

Helena said...

Ah, bureaucracy. Good luck!

Amanda said...

I'm guessing your app wasn't help up because military isn't mandatory in Canada.

Still, how annoying!

Hang in there!