Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm FAT!

"Sung Hyun, you must be taking it from the wrong angle. Here, bend down and take it from here. No, back up. No, it must be the light then".
It wasn't the angle! It wasn't the distance! It wasn't the light!
It was just plain old fat me. But it took me 4 shoots for me to realize it. Isn't it funny that when weight slowly creeps on it's hard to notice that your gaining any at all. Until, you have a moment. Like I did, when this photo was taken.
The funniest thing is that I'm so happy right now. Got a great job, amazing husband, wonderful mother-in-law, and I love my Korean class. Not letting my weight or size affect my emotions is probably the reason why I'm not afraid to post this picture on my site to be criticized. I'm so happy inside, now I've just gotta let it shine on the outside.


Shelley said...

You don't even want to get me started about weight. When I was pregnant, I was like, 3 months after I'll have lost all the weight! WRONG. 7 months in and I feel fatter than I did when I was pregnant. When I first got back to India, I had no one to watch Yasmine to go work out, now it's 42 degrees and I do the insanity work out at home, so it's too hot and I have to wait until i can get my AC installed. I can make as many excuses as I want it still doesn't change the fact that I am also facing weight issues, and feel miserable because of it!

I for one think you look great, and you seem so happy! I have zero criticisms about you or your weight, and I think you are super brave.
Just one little thing.....lose the pink bow in your hair. I don't think it works with the outfit. LOL!!!

Shelley said...

Oh, one more thing. I don't think you're fat, but I don't think the clothes you are wearing compliment your curvy figure. Sometimes the clothes we choose to wear only enhance our problem spots. I think if you choose bootleg jeans as opposed to skinny jeans (which don't flatter anyone except stick thin girls), and an a-line skirt, and one of those longish type tops you'd shed 5 pounds automatically.
It's funny you wrote about this, because just a few weeks ago I was browsing through your blog and was thinking to myself how awesome you looked and that I thought you had lost weight.
Honestly Jenn, it's just the clothes....they don't flatter your figure.

cinder131 said...

I think you look great!! Glad to hear though you dont let it bother you much.
I for one am fat LOL! Having gone through 3 pregnanies I have gained about 90 lbs! I have tried everything but still dont budge my weight. I had a real hard time going back to Korea last september for that reason. With a MIL who called me fat constantly when i was preggo with my first it did lots to my emotional state being around her.
Cindy (Samuel, madalyn, Rachel, Baby #4!!)

Tanya said...

I partially agree with Shelley, ha you've got big boobs which is a good thing and some shirts can hang from that point to make you look bigger in the belly when your not. put on a nice belt even on that tshirt right at your natural waste line and it will shrink you instantly.

Also as far as feeling fat and being happy. When I was discussing my weight with my stepmom a year ago she had said that she can tell I'm happy BECAUSE I have gained weight. She said that when i was unhappy was when i was too skinny.

Which means that you should enjoy your weight and know that a bit of plumpness means that life is good!

Melanie Kidder said...

Hey Jen,

I love this post. I had a very similar experience. I have been back in Canada for 4 years now (wow, hey?!?!?) and over those four years I slowly started gaining weight, damn Canadian food! However, I met Ken and we got married and we were very happy as well. I have heard people say that gaining weight is usually connencted to being depressed or unhappy in your life but I think it can also be the opposite. I know it was for me, and also for you. Another thing that was similar to your experience is that I didn't really realize that I was gaining weight. It sounds funny because I knew that I wasn't wearing some of my old clothes because they were too tight or uncomfortable but truthfully I didn't realize that I was gaining so much. Anyway, I have lost 30 pounds in since October and I am just as happy as I was when I was fat, but now I am thin and happy, lol.

Helena said...

It looks like a fairly wide-angle lens, which distorts things a bit. (Maybe!)

Jenn F said...

Hunny you are NOT fat!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have to agree. The pants (and the bow!) don't work. I'm guessing bootleg jeans are hard to find in Korea, right? I'm in Vietnam and it took me forever to find a pair. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was the one who commented that I thought you had lost weight, so I don't think you're necessarily fat. Maybe you could lose a few pounds, but I think that's a matter of personal choice, at this point. But fat? No.

Anonymous said...

Holy cry for attention!

Yes, you are fat.

Now do something about it besides throwing yourself an undeserved pity party.

Why am I here??? said...

Hey thanks everyone. Actually this wasn't really an outfit I actually wore, I was just trying on random clothes and asked Sung Hyun to take a pic.

Thanks for the positive enouragement everyone! I knew I would get some kind of negative comments too but hey that's life.....not everyone is going to like me ;) AND I'M OKAY WITH THAT TOO!

Tanya said...

I just have to say to the person who so obviously likes to make rude comments but can't be bold enough to put their name down. Obviously you dont know Jen cause if you did you wouldnt see her crying for attention but rather making a statement about herself.

Grow up! If she is so undeserving of attention they why are you even posting on her wall?!

To me those comments mean that you are just trying to create your own attention but have too many of your own insecurities to take credit for your bad comments.

Get off her wall and go puke up your lunch or something.

Annie-Me said...

i agree with the comment you have huge boobs! Honestly, I don't even have giant boobs but I notice when I wear shirts that go straight down from my boobs I look chubby. But hun...I don't think you look fat. I think it's every girls "dilema" even skinny girls look fat to themselves right? We both know how shopping in Korea makes us feel shitty but honestly, when you come to are gunna feel fat anymore. I'm shopping in the medium section now where as in Korea I shopped in the xl or l sections...or simply got the "no largee sizuh" comments. As long as you are happy with who you are and eating somewhat healthy (as I've seen on your blog---aka not like the dominoes pizza I had 2 days ago) then you are fine. I think if you are happy and comfortable what the hell does it matter right?