Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cool Job!

I still can't believe I.WORK.AT.THE.BLUE.HOUSE!

Suicide was the topic of discussion in one of the classes last week, as a result of a famous Korean actor recently taking his life. Then one person spoke up and talked about how he and 2 others in the class were there when the former president took his life last year on May 23rd. Like there, as in with him before he jumped to his death. I had to take a step back and remind myself where I was; his reply, a sudden blow to the face. It came without warning and I didn't exactly know how to recover, how to regain my footing.

Holy shit, I work with guys whose job it is to protect the President of South Korea!!!! How cool is that!!!

Okay, I didn't write this post to toot my own horn, I wrote it to offer thanks. I want to thank all of you for pushing me to believe I could do this job successfully (you know who you are).

Four years ago, I came to Korea with the intention of teaching English for ONE YEAR. And now, I'll leave with a lifetime of stories and moments that have shaped who I am, a darling Korean husband in one hand, and a reference letter from the president in the other.


Jennifer said...

Wow! That is pretty awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

Very impressive! I hope you're proud of yourself.

Melanie Kidder said...

Yay Jen!!

SeoulSearching said...

wow that is wow! so awesome!! ^^

Tuyet said...