Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A small loan....

......just wondering if the blogging community/ friends and family can pull together in this time of need and pitch in a few dollars and loan me, hummm let's say about $359 900 for the next 25 or so years, so I can buy this condo.

Thanks, that would be awesome:

No, but seriously isn't it beautiful? A ONE OF A KIND.

Mom, I'm only half joking about the loan (we could just call it: the fastest way we can get our daughter back to Canada) Seriously I'd be on the first flight out ;)

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Anonymous said...

I used to see that building when driving to the UofR. Always wondered what it would look like inside. You MUST buy it!!! :) teee


tanya said...

haha oh jenbear. Wouldnt we all like that. But let me say if you and Sung Hyun dont mind living in a condo there are a lot of nice condos in regina for a lot less than that ha. Not QUITE as nice but there are some really nice ones. Sung hyun wont know what to do? You guys will have to play marco polo to find each other after living in your korean apartment. ha.