Monday, February 15, 2010

SEX troubles?

NOT TO FRET! Head to the local nurse's office for a little one-on-one counselling!
The Sex Counselling Office sign hangs outside the nurses office at my private Christian elementary school in South Korea. AWESOME!
And now I present you with Sung Hyun's awesome grade 9 report card:

Highest score = 95% sports

Lowest score = 8% English



Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Those scores make no sense! Do they really give students things like an 8 or 10 percent (what's the 10% by the way? I'm curious!)? Is this a weekly report or something like that? I can't believe a teacher would give you an 8%!!

Amanda said...

The 10% is in math if I'm reading 수학 right.

So I guess that means you're in charge of the money, Jen?

Amanda said...

This is fascinating. The students' average (as a whole class) for math was 51 but for English was a 55. What sort of curve was English being graded on?

Damn, I would LOVE it if I could tell my students what their percentage is compared to the whole class average. It was light some fires under some butts.

Anonymous said...

Err, are you allowed to post your students' grades to the public along with their name?

Why am I here??? said...

Hey Anony,

Those scores make total sense. What you see is what you get! No actually I was a little confused, BUT they are Sung Hyun's grade 9 marks. In Korea your entire grade for all subjects is based on a SINGLE test score. There are usually 25 multiple choice questions, each question worth 4 points (4%). So out of 25 questions on Sung Hyun's English test he answered 2 correct (hence the score). The 10% is in math. And I should note that it's impossible to FAIL a grade in Korea.


That's funny because last night we sat down to write out a budget and Sung Hyun was not all that pleased. HE HAD NO IDEA HOW TO BUDGET. Are you not allowed to give out class averages Amanda?

Hello another anony,

Answer to your question is probably not, that's why I didn't post my students' grades. If you're new to my homepage then I should probably point out that Sung Hyun is my husband and that's his old report card (1995). I should also point out that when I met him he didn't know any English (and apparently didn't study English too hard either). We've come a long way and this report card just goes to show. Btw, my husband totally knows this is on my site!


Amanda said...

The students don't even know their averages. On the report cards it's just a letter grade. I don't know if we're not ALLOWED to tell them class averages, but I've never seen it done in elementary schools I've worked in.

I have sometimes figured a class average on a test and thrown up the stats in a histogram to show the students. I do that for various reason.

As for the budget/money thing, remember, it's still pretty much the man's responsibility to make the money and the woman's responsibility to budget it and spend it in Korea.

Doyoung said...

Haha Sunghyun didnt study hard at all.
Math is 10 and English is 8....
Wow total is 18.awesome score
you need to make him study english so hard.You need to be an english teacher for him.