Monday, February 08, 2010

my sweetYheart

When I talk to Sung Hyun on the phone, I usually call him 'love'. You know, 'hi love', 'okay love', 'whatever love' get the picture!

Then other times when I really try to annoy him, I run over to him with a high pitched voice and give him a big hug and pick him up and say 'sweetYheart'. Because that's what he used to call me (and still does). He kinda confused the sweet in sweetheart. But that's what makes him so special. He's my sweetYheart and I love him:

Those are just a few pages of the book I made Sung Hyun 3 years ago. It was right after I met him and we had been dating for about 4 months and I was about to go back to Canada for 2. Since we are currently in the process of gathering immigration paperwork relationship evidence, I thought I'd just stop and pause and breath! AND realize how amazingly lucky I am to have found someone so special to me. How amazingly lucky I am to have found my sweetYheart! It's been one hell of a ride


Danielle said...

I love the Canada style page!

Did he write the Korean?

SeoulSearching said...

awe! I'm so happy for you! It's so sweet!! I love it!!!! ^^

cinder131 said...

You know thats kinda funny! I made the exact same kind of book right after I met my hubby! I wrote in it for about a year or so. it is kinda fun to go back and read over all the things we did!
Thanks for sharing!
cindy (Samuel, Madalyn, Rachel)

Yeji said...

That book is SO SWEET~! But you don't plan to include that diary in the immigration documents? Because they don't return anything once you send to them, so I would suggest to keep the valuable book and make a short version of photo diary by using Photoshop. I put serveral pictures fit in the letter size and put a comment each picture by chronological order. Maybe 3~4 pages would be enough.


Why am I here??? said...

Hey Danielle,

No, my co-worker wrote it since I gave that book to him as a good-bye surprise.

Thank you SeoulSearching ;)

Hey Cindy, does your hubby still look at it.

Hey Yeji,

NO don't worry I'm not going to send the book......wouldn't want to loose that!

cinder131 said...

LOL no! It is somewhere packed away in storage!