Sunday, February 21, 2010

Medicine and yes I'm married!

I went to the doctor today. I'd been putting it off but I thought it was time for the womanly check up.

I asked for a breast exam also because I have been experiencing sharp pain recently so I thought I'd get that checked out while I was there.

Going to the doctor in Korea is just so different from back home. Everyone has their specialized jobs, just like in a hospital. First I was set up with a lady that basically took down my history. She wanted to know when my last period was and if I was married (right because that's so important and totally related to whether or not I'm entitled to an exam). Basically her job was to write down why I came to the clinic and what procedures I wanted to have done. Except I didn't know what procedures I wanted done because usually I'd talk to the doctor first back home and then they'd suggest what needed to be done. Next I was sent to the radiologist to get my ultrasound done for that breast pain I was talking about before. I was trying to explain to her that since I've been off my birth control pill 4 months ago I've been having breast pain. Her first question after that was 'are you married'.

Then I got to see the doctor. I started off the conversation by saying "I'm not pregnant and yes I'm married!"

The rest of the exam preceded along nicely. The doctor was pleasant and listened to what I had to say. She answered my questions and was very thorough. She explained what she was doing as she went along. Then she said the results of my pap would take about a week to get back and that they'd text the results to my cell phone in Korean.

How strange!


Anonymous said...

The reason why they ask you that is because they won't normally do the same procedures if you are married / not married.

This stems from the fact lots of people still believe people don't have sex before marriage.

So, exams that might be considered invasive for a virgin (such as a pap test) they will try to avoid, unless you are married.

Diana E. said...

Yeah... I think it's just standard in Korea as the pre-exam question. Remember, it's pretty rude for anyone to ask you about your sex life.

Why am I here??? said...

I know know and it's so ridiculous that they think this way. Come on Korea, enough of this igronance is bliss/ get your abortion down the street.

I should also mention that at this clinic they perform 이쁘니수슬, which is when they stitch yah back up so you can pretend to be a virgin on your wedding night!


Anonymous said...

수술. Heh.

Good Man can't catch my errors when I spell Happy New Year wrong, but I know "surgery."

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks Amanda!