Thursday, February 11, 2010


OH YEAH BABY, it's done!
I'm not sure if I've crossed all my t's or dotted my i's but I don't care because we're ready to send this sucker away to Canada. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and (a shit load of) tears!

Now the waiting game begins!

TIME TO CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But first I want to thank all the people who helped me:

1) MOM - thank you for depositing the money into my account so I could afford to pay for this (I'll pay you back, I promise). And thank you for remembering all the important dates in my life because clearly I can't! Thank you for answering all my frantic calls at random times so you could listen to me bitch about how difficult this was.

2) AMANDA - thanks for giving me this advice: 'just fill out the papers one at a time, then walk away and go back to do some more'. Baby steps!

3) TANYA & JENNIFER - thank you my Canadian friends for writing up letters for Sung Hyun and I to add to our package.

4) SHANE & ANNE-MARIE - thank you for writing letters of support to show our relationship is true and continuing.

5) UNCLE HOWARD & AUNTIE HEATHER - thanks for your kind letter and words and continual support. Watch out Uncle Howard, Sung Hyun's going to give you a run for your money at the rink!

5) DOYOUNG - thank you for translating (and the Taco Bell).

6) JINNY & STUART - thank you for meeting with us at Starbucks to answer our questions. Best of luck with your application and see you in Canada.

7) MY SWEETyHEART - thank you for taking the time to learn how to make spreadsheets. Thank you for working so hard on the translating. And most importantly, thank you for not divorcing me in this process.


As silly as this sounds I've learned a little something from this process.

It's something that I never thought I could do. I spent hours researching lawyers that could do this for me. I was willing to fork out $2000+ to have someone tell me what to do. Instead with a bit of nudging from my husband I reluctantly decided to give it a go myself. Easy for Sung Hyun to say because really all the work was mine. And while I was really upset that I'd poured over 100 hours into this project while my husband got to pick a choose if he'd help, I have to say he really pulled through in the end. He probably didn't appreciate the sleeping picture I put of him on my blog while I slaved away on the papers (my dad didn't approve of that blog entry either). Sung Hyun spent hours on the computer doing translations for family documents. Something he's never had to do before. Four years ago English was not in his vocabulary. He created spreadsheets and neatly organized information in charts. Then when he took the documents to be notarized, I think he felt a little pride knowing he contributed in some way. He felt even more pride when after the lady carefully compared the translation she gladly stamped her notarization approval. She was just probably glad to receive our $180. But it put a smile on my husbands face because we were one step closer in the right direction.

Then after his medical exam this week he called me and after I said hello I was greeted with "Are you ready to go to Canada?". Because he said he's ready.

So this is the year we make the BIG move to live the rest of our lives in Canada. And I think Sung Hyun was right in asking me if I was ready to move. Because right now I'm not. I'm not sure I'll ever be ready to leave this country. To leave my Korean family behind. To leave all the amazing memories and friendships I've built the past 4 years. But it's got to come to an end eventually.



Amanda said...

Congratulations, Jen!

Diana E. said...

congrats :) I didn't realize you planned to live in Canada forever. What about his family? Will you visit them annually? (Just curious).

Do you have to do an interview, also? We're in the process of doing medical testing and waiting for an interview with the U.S. embassy for May 27.

Helena said...

Best of luck!

Beloved said...

Congratulations on completing the paperwork process. I think it's amazing that you undertook that yourself.
I might have told you this story before, but when my husband and I were packing to move to the U.S., I suggested storing a few things at his mom's in case we decided to move back. He laughed and said, "When Koreans move to the U.S., they never move back!" I live by the belief that you never know what the future will hold. It has held many surprises, not least of which is the plan for my husband and I to one day move back to Korea.
Hope all goes well with the paperwork and your final time in Korea. :)

Annie-Me said...

Jen, i miss u tonnes! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your immigration papers. Ps I got accepted to ubc isn't that awesome?

SeoulSearching said...

Congratulations!! Although I don't know you very well just through blogs and our random run-in... it makes me sad to see you go! But of course you will be extremely blessed! I'm so happy to hear everything is going as planned! *Fighting!!*

tanya said...

Congrats!!!! You know what, it will be filled with many changes but think about it this way, 4 years ago you took a trip to Korea "ready or not" and now you have made memories, developed friendships, met and married the man of your dreams. Change can be scary but it can bring a lot of gifts into your life that you wouldn't have if things did not change.