Thursday, February 18, 2010




So we took the party to the airport and made the best of it!
Besides watching the olympics in the airport is way better than going to Vietnam, right?!
Party on the phone

Party by the carts
Free cool!
A little over packed for a trip to the airport!

This is the money we didn't have to exchange

This is the departure we didn't have to make!

Party at the bus stop

Party on the bus


Yah we're a little pissed. BUT we had a good laugh and made the best of our day (lost my earring, went to a shitty movie, you know!)

They say everything happens for a reason!


Anonymous said...

Hadn't you been to Vietnam before? From your last post you made sound as though you had ... so my question is, did you not have a visa at that time to enter?

Why am I here??? said...

YUP I've totally been there before (hangs head in shame). I just completely forgot about the visa thing. And I got a new passport so it wasn't even in there to remind me! Funny thing was I was checking to see if I had my re-entry permit and that my F-2 visa hadn't expired! Silly me! BUT I DO THINK MY TRAVEL AGENT SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME.

Amanda said...

Oh, Jennifer! I don't even know what to say...

Anonymous said...

ah! that sucks even more than.
Yeah - surprising that your travel agent didn't mention it but perhaps if you had used the same agent as before (for the Vietnam trip) they assumed that you would remember.
Are you still going to try to catch a flight out for a quick trip?

Why am I here??? said...

Yes same travel guy. But he apologized and is giving us a full refund plus he's agreed to a 10% discount on my next flight with him. I've used him for 4 years and have probably spent close to 7000-8000 dollars on flights. And no we won't go anywhere else. We went to the travel agent in the airport to book a cheap flight to anywhere but they didn't have anything so we just sucked it up and went home. Bad thing is my friend Becca just came home from a trip back home early so we could do this together. Had she known we couldn't go I'm sure she would have stayed in England for another week.

So that means I'm going to have to help my hubby pack! He's happy ;)

Why am I here??? said...

Oh Amanda I know you're shaking your head at me right now. And telling Goodman how stupid I am.....hehe!

Amanda said...

No, Good Man reads your blog on his own. I don't have to tell him anything. ;)

When I said I didn't know what to say, I meant it! Good Man thinks I'm crazy for triple-checking junk like that beforehand (I ask him at least six times on the way to the airport if he has his passport AND his green card) but it's because you just lived out my nightmare!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally obsessed about paperwork too. I actually check online 10 times to make sure I don't need a visa/entry form/weird paper for every place I visit. And I do mean 10 times. On 10 different websites. You know, just in case the previous 9 were wrong.

Helena said...

Aw, man!

Catherine said...

Matthew & I both totally cracked up when you told your husband, "Visa obsoyo" -- especially with the X fingers. Oh, Korea...