Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is me, at the American military base, right before I stuffed my face with this massive (American size) plate of nachos. YUM YUM!
This is Sung Hyun right before he decided that he wanted to marry an American military solider just so that he could run on this $10 000 treadmill.
And this is my friend Doyoung, who was kind enough to take us onto the American military base and give us a tour of his gym/ take us to TACO BELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!
Thanks Doyoung ;)
많이많이 고마워/사랑해!


Amanda said...

You went on base to eat Taco Bell? Oh honey...let me introduce you to my aunt and uncle. They'll get you into the good places. ;)

Why am I here??? said...

Why? Do they have access to the US base?

Amanda said...

Yeah, my uncle works for DOD schools. Good Man, his parents and I met my aunt, uncle, and cousin and had a nice dinner at Dragon Hill Lodge. No way in heck would I waste a base pass on Taco Bell. ;)