Sunday, January 24, 2010

Northern Thailand January 1st

Our third day started with an hour bamboo rafting ride

Sung Hyun liked this the best. Can you tell he was excited?
He even got to steer
Look what we saw along our way. Actually our ride wasn't so peaceful. They didn't prepare us for possible falls as the raft rammed forcefully into large rocks in the water. My knee got pretty banged up and I was bleeding for a bit. Rafting was probably my least favourite thing to do and of course, the best part of the trip for Sung Hyun.
After a bit of walking a and a couple of hours in the back of a truck we got to take some nice photos at a lovely waterfall
Here's our crew (along with the guide right in front). It was a fantastic group of people and it made for a really fun experience!
A quick lunch stop then back to the guest house where we showered up and all met up for dinner afterwards.
Total money spent = 680 Baht ($20 US)

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