Wednesday, December 09, 2009


On Saturday November 28th Sung Hyun and I went to his #1 sisters house (she's the oldest out of 5) to make KIMCHI. We spent the night and his sister was even kind enough to let us sleep in the bed. They are such a wonderful family ;)

Mom prepared the cabbage in the bathroom on Saturday -- she worked the hardest! Then we enjoyed our dinner of raw fish. I don't much care for raw fish since it's too chewy for my liking

So instead I ate the leaves.
The next day we got up and started preparing the stuffing for kimchi
Sung Hyun and I mashed the garlic
During the green onion cutting process, even though I wasn't the one doing the cutting, I had to leave the house so my eyes could breath
Mixing time!
Stuffing time!

Actually I only made 5 and then it was time to leave. I got to take the first 3 I made home with me. Haven't eaten any just yet though. This was my first time making kimchi and I couldn't have done it with a better family ;)


SeoulSearching said...

WOW!!! I love it! i want to learn how to make Kimchi! i'm actually eating Kimchi right now! haha!

ambearo said...

I never thought (before I lived in Korea) that I would say this, but my mouth is watering. I <3 kimchi!!!