Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bangkok Thailand December 26, 2009

The next morning we decided to venture out of the backpackers area because it was a little too greasy for me. We rode the free bus into the city center around Nana station and found a hotel (it was double what we were paying in the other area but we saved on transportation, as the bus was free)
The free bus ride lasted 50 minutes and I was pretty much soaked when I got off. I can't imagine living in Bangkok in the summer. Too hot for me!!!!!

We showed up and hit the Center World mall (ummm can't remember the exact name).

The king is everywhere!

This picture is for Kristin!
We ate Vietnamese food in the mall -- Sung Hyun's choice
It was hot!
We found a supermarket in the mall with some interesting things!
Yellow watermelon
Beautiful Christmas light display outside the mall!

In the evening we went to Soi Cowboy -- an area famous for it's sex workers. We spent way too much money on a couple of beer so Sung Hyun could see his first topless show. The women wore numbers and danced around on stage on a revolving platform. Men choose the number and then head upstairs for, well probably what ever they wanted. I didn't let Sung Hyun venture that far!

Total money spent = 2273 Baht ($69 US)


SeoulSearching said...

OMG! DQ! i miss it!!! haha! i'm from texas... hehe "DQ that's what i like about Texas!!" I didnt expect it in Thailand though! hahahaha!! sounds like you guys are having an adventure!!!! ^^

Catherine said...

I can't believe that those flavors of Pringle exist, but aren't available in Korea. They would sell like hotcakes, or hotteok ; )

Melanie Kidder said...

Jen I just had to say that the woman in the picture beside you on the bus cracks me up! She does not look impressed.