Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bangkok Thailand December 25th, 2009

We had a stop over in Taiwan on our way to Bangkok. We had just 30 minutes off the airplane and I found the most perfect bag from Coach at $391 US. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!! I thought I'd wait till I was going back to Seoul to buy it since I don't think a four hundred dollar bag would go over well in South East Asia. And I guess I should see how well our money stretches first.
Here I am drinking some Coke Light from Taiwan
We arrived in Bangkok at midnight exhausted from our trip. We headed to the area just outside KohSan Road, which is know for its backpackers. We shared a Chang beer and went to bed!

The next morning we woke up and had breakfast on the street. I've learned that Sung Hyun is more open minded than me. He pretty much will try anything. I'm more or less sticking to what I'm familiar with.
After breakfast we went for a walk around our area on a mission to find The Grand Palace which I visited the last time I was in Bangkok. It was beautiful. Here are some of the photos below:

I'm not cold, but I had to cover up my shoulders!

Then we went to What Po (also know as the reclining Buddha). Isn't it beautiful?

More street food. Pad Thai for $2 at a mini stand on the side of the road.

After the tour we went back showered up and hit the road again. Here I am sporting my new ring!
Finding this earring stand was my Christmas present!
Christmas dinner: Chicken and rice! After dinner we enjoyed an hour massage and then hit the sack. It was a very busy first day.

Total money spent (includes everything -- hotel, transportation, tickets, massage, shopping etc.) = 3747 Baht ($112 US)

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SeoulSearching said...

WOW! so cool! i am so jealous... haha! hopefully one day I can travel out that way!! ^^ i would also be happy to send you some of our snow to keep you cool!! haha!!