Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun in Hongdae

A day of shopping with Annie and then a meet up with Becca in the evening = a perfect Saturday night!
He's blushing isn't he?!!!
I love these soju slushies.........
These girls love (or are in love with) the mussels
This boy can eat and eat and eat
A fun crew
Then we topped the evening off with a few hours in a singing room
Annie and Becca got really into it......WE ALL DID! Thanks for the fun evening gals ;)


Tanya said...

Hi Jennifer,

I am a passerby and I love reading your blog entries because they are so genuine and real. There is one question I have about Korea/Korean culture(?) that I hope you can help to answer. Is it true that many Korean men smoke? Does your husband smoke too?

Why am I here??? said...

Hi Tanya,

In my opinion, YES LOTS OF KOREAN MEN SMOKE!!!! My husband does too.

But it's rare that you'll find Korean women smoking on the main streets. Mostly you'll see them duck behind alleyways or in a bathroom stall to drag a puff or two. Although times are changing it's still really taboo for women to smoke in public.

Thanks for the nice comment. Email me any time with questions or if you want me to write about something specifically on my blog, then just ask: