Saturday, September 19, 2009

This girl is grand!

I met Rebecca through a mutual friend of ours and she's so wonderful -- not to mention we share the same birthday ;) We have been enjoying each others company: going for dinners, watching movies and getting pampered!

Here she is eating all this delicious Thai food by herself (okay I may have eaten some too, hehe)Then last night I got invited to her house and when I asked if I could help her cook she said 'why don't you take a foot bath?' I was like 'heeeeeeeeeeeeell yaaaaaaah!', you cook for me while I get pampered, OK!! See, wonderful right?

Sorry for the bad quality of these photos. This was actually yellow chicken curry with rice. And it was very yummy!

I brought apple crisp for dessert and then Becca made custard. A popular dessert in England. This was my first custard trying experience ;)


Rebecca said...

Wheeeee I feel all kinds of special! Looking a little sunburned in that pic! Ha ha ha! x

Why am I here??? said...