Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shane's wedding!!

Back in the heat of summer my friend Shane married my friend YooJung. Here are some shots of their beautiful, yet hilarious wedding!

Husband and future father-in-law
Beautiful bride
Waiting for the fun to begin......but really actually sweating our balls off (if we had them)
The evil eyeNervous bride
And it was at this point that I got up and stood behind Shane to whisper what he had to do next. He literally had NO CLUE. I thought I gave a pretty good explanation on my post about my traditional wedding but I'm not sure that he read it (even though I advised him ahead of time). I think this picture shows how entertaining it was for the Koreans. Just look at his mother-in-law dressed in pink wipe away her tears of laughter!
Sore feet shoe swap
Drinking game
Rules: 10 shots of beer. Can use two hands but one hand must always remain on the table. So the empty glass must touch the table before the new one gets lifted off the table.
Sung Hyun had a good strategy; head back the whole time. Because of this he beat all the Western boys with a score of 14 seconds."I'M CHAMPION" Sung Hyun declaresThen the speeches begin and everyone starts crying ;( Then we drink some more and go back home on the bus
riding the bus
poser (but a pretty handsome feller)


asiangarden said...

fun! love the shoe swap!~ lol

ambearo said...

Awww! A shoe swap a la My Sassy Girl! ^^

Danielle said...

I absolutely love the sore feet shoe swap! What a nice man!

Sandra said...

D'oh. I knew I did something wrong when choosing a husband. There's no way he'd fit his big feet into my shoes.

JIHYE said...