Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy birthday to me ;)

I love packages from home. It's like Christmas any time of the year. My mom sent me a nice birthday present surprise package which I received last week -- my birthday is in July btw (so that's basically how long it took to get here)

Opening up my package

The card is always the best part. I've got it proudly displayed on my table.

Sung Hyun was happy to find 3 character panties (his words, not mine)

YAH for new shoes that are actually my size. That would be BIG SIZE in Korean.
Thanks for the goodies mom and dad!

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Catherine said...

Sung Hyun is not wearing a shirt. You have a blanket wrapped around your waist. What exactly did the postman interrupt? J/K

Too funny about the "character panties." Matthew likes to tease his male students about that and then explain that in North American only GIRLS wear panties. Of course, if you ask a Brit, they think pants are too be worn under one's trousers.