Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fattie Files!!!!

Day 9 -- Wednesday September 30, 2009
Cheerios and flax seed + a glass of milk ($1) -- 8:00
a few slices of mango (Free) -- 10:20
Chocolate cookie snack (Free) --11:40
Leftover chicken broccoli bake ($4) -- 12:30
salad with feta ($1) -- 1:00
Pineapple and the almonds I forgot to put on my salad ($2) -- 2:00
Edamame ($1) -- 4:00
Sweet potatoe ($1) -- 6:00
Dinner consisted of rice, samgyup sal (pork), kimchi, veggies and.............soup with tofu + egg dish
You wrap up the piece of meat into a lettuce leaf along with some rice, kimchi, garlic and pork ($5) -- 8:00
This is the only piece of meat I had btw. I usually don't eat the pork!
TOTAL = $15


Ashley said...

It's very interesting to see what you're eating but I'm a little confused as to why you're posting. Is it to show us the difference in foods or do you have another purpose?

Jennifer said...

how do you not eat the pork!? that is the best part! in some of the ssam-jang sauce! thats what i made for dinner last night with rice and kim! haha
take care!

Why am I here??? said...

Hi Ashley,

I'm not even sure why. I think the main reason I started was to see how much $ I spend on food. Also I realized that it makes me more accounatable for what I eat, since I'm an emotional overeater. And I was just going to do it for a week, but a few ppl have requested I keep doing those are some of the reasons ;)

Hey Jen,

Yah I just wasn't feeling the meat last night. Plus all the other side dishes were delish. I'm glad you are making Korean food back home. How often do you cook it?

Anonymous said...

Do you realize that you ate almost every hour and then your last meal was huge... and at 8pm?!
"Also I realized that it makes me more accounatable" And my question to that is accountable for what?... moreoverly, to what?

Why am I here??? said...

Yes I did realize that anonymous. My last meal was HUGE but I didn't eat any of the meat though (well 1 peice). So a bowl of rice, some tofu soup, a few spoons of egg and some veggies is what I mostly ate (this meal was shared between 3 ppl). And yes I realize that eating large amounts of food late at night is not very healthy.

In terms of accounatability, what I mean is that I'm taking photos of what I eat so I am aware of everything I put in my mouth. Instead of snacking at the computer or while watching T.V. and not realizing how many peices of mango I actually ate (for example). Also I tend to over eat so I am trying to eat smaller portions throught the day which include healthier snacks.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt (which is why I'm replying to your question) and assume that you're asking me these questions b/c you want to know the answer as opposed to trying to ridicule me. I don't want these posts to turn into "omg you ate so much food on Monday..." so if those are your intentions then all comments pertaining to this will be deleted by me.

So until then HAPPY EATING.......

Lindsay said...

good for you Jen. Its just like a food diary, just a little more high tech!

Catherine said...

Is that the feta from Costco? It's so good! We make a salad with cucumber, tomato, some grilled chicken, and that feta, with some of the oil and maybe some vinegar as the dressing. Yum!

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks Lindsay!

Yes Catherine that's the stuff from's soooo good!

Jennifer said...

Hey!!! :)
I try and make some sort of korean food every other week (even if its a simple as just the sam-gyup-sal on its own with rice. and i make a lot of chap chae too). and there is a GREAT korean restaurant in my city (and a couple of grocery stores). i was at the restaurant tonite actually! haha

Anonymous said...

Do you make most of the food or do you eat out a lot? It seems like you're spending a lot of money. Good for you if you can afford it but I was just wondering if it's because you eat on the go most of the time.

Why am I here??? said...

You know what anony. I am spending way too much on food and I never realized it until I decided to do this little experiment. So I did learn something. My mom mentioned that it seems like I spend too much on food too. So what is a reasonable amount then? I have no idea!!!! I probably eat out about 50% of the time.

Any thoughts????

Jennifer said...

its so cheap to eat out in korea though. when I lived there I ate out probably 4-6 times a week. the only meals i really had at home were breakfast (which was at noon). and snacks.
and its such a way of life in korea to go out eat and socialize. I think even mroe so than here in canada.