Monday, September 28, 2009

Fatie Files!!!!

Day 7 -- Monday, September 28 Cheerios + milk + 1 tbsp flax seed ($1) -- 8:00
10 mango strips (Free) -- 10:30
no photo LUNCH! left over spaghetti ($3) and 3 left over mandu ($0) -- 12:00
pecans + almonds ($1) -- 4:30
3 slices of bread w/ cream cheese stuffing (Free) -- 6:00
rice + chicken with veggies (middle) + pork cutlet + kimchi ($7) -- 8:30

TOTAL = $12

This is the end of fattie files week one. Is anyone actually interested in what I eat? I find it is making me more accountable. At least I have to stop and think before I shove something in my mouth b/c it requires me to find my camera and by then I don't really want that chocolate bar anymore....haha. Also it's a good way to keep track of how much I spend on food since I don't keep a budget. Maybe I'll keep this project going for a month but make the pictures smaller. What do you think? Feed back would be appreciated ;)


Kathleen said...

I liked it! But I think you should consider changing the name to something with a more positive ring :)

Anonymous said...

Keep the fattie files coming !!

How do you manage to get so much free food?

Momma Bear

Anonymous said...

Love it!

I obsess over food (what woman doesn't?) and I look forward to your blog as it is, but with the food posts--LOVE it! Reminds me of how I used to love the original 'fatman in Seoul' food blog. Please keep it up!

Expat Canadian in Las Vegas

Catherine said...

I also want to know where you get all the free food!

I find it interesting how Western you eat some days and how Korean you eat other days. Y'all have stuff in Seoul that's really hard to find out here in the sticks!