Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fattie Files!!!!

Day 9 -- Wednesday September 30, 2009
Cheerios and flax seed + a glass of milk ($1) -- 8:00
a few slices of mango (Free) -- 10:20
Chocolate cookie snack (Free) --11:40
Leftover chicken broccoli bake ($4) -- 12:30
salad with feta ($1) -- 1:00
Pineapple and the almonds I forgot to put on my salad ($2) -- 2:00
Edamame ($1) -- 4:00
Sweet potatoe ($1) -- 6:00
Dinner consisted of rice, samgyup sal (pork), kimchi, veggies and.............soup with tofu + egg dish
You wrap up the piece of meat into a lettuce leaf along with some rice, kimchi, garlic and pork ($5) -- 8:00
This is the only piece of meat I had btw. I usually don't eat the pork!
TOTAL = $15

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shopping in Korea!

Shopping gives me wrinkles! I'm not a fan of chaos -- elbow shoving, back pushing, no lines, cart in the middle of the aisle, and a sea full of people who have the 'me first' attitude!

Happy birthday to me ;)

I love packages from home. It's like Christmas any time of the year. My mom sent me a nice birthday present surprise package which I received last week -- my birthday is in July btw (so that's basically how long it took to get here)

Opening up my package

The card is always the best part. I've got it proudly displayed on my table.

Sung Hyun was happy to find 3 character panties (his words, not mine)

YAH for new shoes that are actually my size. That would be BIG SIZE in Korean.
Thanks for the goodies mom and dad!

Fatie Files!!!!*

Day 8 -- Tuesday, September 29, 2009 Optimum Power cereal + flax seed ($2) -- 8:00 Apricot yogurt ($.50) -- 10:20 Ate before thinking to take a photo - Leftover chicken and rice + seaweed ($5) -- 12:00 1/2 pear ($.75) -- 2:00 Chocolate muffin (Free**) -- 2:15 Almonds and pecans ($1) -- 4:45 Chicken, rice and broccoli casserole ($4) -- 6:45
Mini chocolate bar (Free-thanks mom) + pineapple ($1) -- 8:15

TOTAL = $14.25

*open to new title suggestions
** most free food comes from my students or if I'm out with my Korean friends they usually buy (it's common for the oldest person in the bunch to pay ;) ME LIKEY!!!!! (the key is to only make friends with ppl who are older than you...hehe! joking of course)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fatie Files!!!!

Day 7 -- Monday, September 28 Cheerios + milk + 1 tbsp flax seed ($1) -- 8:00
10 mango strips (Free) -- 10:30
no photo LUNCH! left over spaghetti ($3) and 3 left over mandu ($0) -- 12:00
pecans + almonds ($1) -- 4:30
3 slices of bread w/ cream cheese stuffing (Free) -- 6:00
rice + chicken with veggies (middle) + pork cutlet + kimchi ($7) -- 8:30

TOTAL = $12

This is the end of fattie files week one. Is anyone actually interested in what I eat? I find it is making me more accountable. At least I have to stop and think before I shove something in my mouth b/c it requires me to find my camera and by then I don't really want that chocolate bar anymore....haha. Also it's a good way to keep track of how much I spend on food since I don't keep a budget. Maybe I'll keep this project going for a month but make the pictures smaller. What do you think? Feed back would be appreciated ;)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beautifully Imperfect!

Sunday in the park

I could actually see her left butt cheek as she walked by......eeeeek!

Walking up the first flight of stairsstopping for a break............because Sung Hyun was tired!
World Cup stadium in the background
Pretty in pink
Chillin' in the walkway
Gotta pee? Just drop your pants and wiz in a bottle
Love the colour coordination on this one
Totally ruined this nice photo op A nice Sunday in the park with my honey!

Friday Fun!

I had a dinner party at my house after work. No boys allowed!

We ate and played games and had a joyous time

This is my niece JiHye, isn't she adorable?

Hovering over the dessert, which was so yummy!

No evening is complete without a game or two

Points to the person why can guess what this pictionary word is. Hint: 2 words

Fatie Files!!!!

Day 6 -- Sunday September 27, 2009
Homemade breakfast - pancakes, bacon, eggs and cheese + O. J. ($4) -- 12:00pm
Handful of cheerios (not worth counting) -- 3:00
Noodles and mandu (dumplings) ($7) -- 5:45popcorn ($.50) -- 8:45

TOTAL = $11.50