Sunday, August 16, 2009


On our last day, we stayed in the villa until check out time and then rented our driver for the rest of the day! Today's plan was some market shopping. We also headed to a sports store to pick up some clothes for Sung Hyun. We finished our day with a tour of a temple and a seafood dinner on the beach before we headed back to the airport.

Heading to the market:

Everything was so cheap...... A beautiful garden (maybe house) around the market area Another offering site
We went to a bakery called Bread Talk and they had real western stuff. Like the yummiest banana bread ever!!
Some photos of the temple by the sea:
We had to tie a ribbon around our waist before we entered the temple
Just hanging out!!! We had to be careful with these monkeys because they snatched everything. Hence the reason I was told to take off my glasses and earrings
Pretty cool!
Sat on the beach, listened to the waves and watched a dance while eating some fresh seafood (psst, I had chicken)
Our trip was over so our driver dropped us off at the airport. We were sad to leave Bali. Our honeymoon will be remembered forever!!!!!


Marie said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and memories with us Jen!! I loved to see how much fun you had and how beautiful Bali was/is!

Why am I here??? said...


Anonymous said...

Why the ribbon?

Charlie's Entertainment said...

O MY GOD..! BALI is SO beatiful!
I'm already marking on there for my honeymoon someday!

You must be fun and happy.

How are you, Jennifer?

Annie-Me said...

Jen your honeymoon was definitely one to be jealous of. I'm glad you had a great time and that you got to relax with your lover. Did you buy lots of stuff? That's wut I wanna know kkk.