Monday, August 10, 2009


Day two of a full on Western breakfast buffet made me really happy. So after we stuffed our bellies full of goodness we got ready for some shopping. But not without posing for some photos first, hehe! We made our way to Kuta and hit up the shopping mall first, which is right along the beachHELLO SHOPPING MALL WITH WESTERN SIZES..........I LOVE YOU! And then down to beach after that. But not for too long, it was super hot!

After we got back from shopping we took a little dip in the pool.Sung Hyun showing off his new top
He snapped this photo of me as I was sitting up. I love the beam of light and the wind brushing through my hair! Back out in the evening for some more shopping
Then back to the resort for some dins and a nice warm bubble bath!


Catherine said...

Psssst...I don't think the beam of light or the wind in your hair are what your husband was focusing on!

Anonymous said...

Oooo Jen! Lovin the pics! Your hair is getting so long! Looks good. xKim

Jennifer said...

your swimsuit is from old navy or from victoria secret! haha. i can't remember which one i just remember loving it when i was looking at! haha