Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Just got an email from my boss saying that one of the teachers may be infected with H1N1. The Health Department has been trying to contact her due to a positive H1N1 test!

And she lives in my building!!!


Foreigner Joy said...

are you at a public or private school?

Why am I here??? said...

private elementary school!

Kristen said...

uh oh!
the honeymoon pics were gorgeous. i know where i am planning my next vacation to=^^=

Anonymous said...

Hello Jennifer,

I am a friend of Annies. I live in Canada, and I was just wondering if you know if she has moved back to Canada. I would like to see how she is doing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

I am a friend of Annies,I currently am living in Canada. I was just wondering if she has moved back to Canada. If so I would like to get in touch with her.


The Juice Box said...

Better stock up on oinkment ;)

Lots of kids at one of the schools here had it, and I'm not even sure if they actually shut the place down!

Just keep up with vigilant hygiene and intense hand washing,

Why am I here??? said...


Hey Annie's friend: She is travelling now (through Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand) until the end of August. She's be coming back to Korea to finish her 6 month contract at her current school, then I'm not sure what she has planned. Then I think she'll be heading back to Canada!

Annie-Me said...

There was a scare about that at work today. I was totally freaked out bc I hugged the person the night before and was all worried that I was gunna die and what not. Well atleast ours was just the normal flu. I hope things at school are ok.

WTH how come "Annie's friend" is messaging you on here. I had an anonymous person message me but I hate when people don't put who they are when they write a comment. Knowing who the person talking to you is totally makes the comments more meaningful.

Cheers hun!