Monday, August 24, 2009

Super wife!!!

I'm stubborn and Sung Hyun is easy going. It's a good mix. But on some occasions when the stars are all lined up against us, we get in little arguments about silly things that don't matter. Take Sunday night/Monday (in the wee hours of the) morning for instance. We always find our way to work through these little tiffs but this time it ended with a 3 hour trip to the hospital.

They start with me crying. I cry a lot. (is there something wrong with me? why am I so emotional? Anyone else in this boat?). And Sung Hyun usually knows the things to say and do to me to make me feel better. Unfortunately he's under a lot of stress due to certain circumstances in our near future (something I can't talk about now, but will soon).

Anyways, so here's what went down (because I know some one's going to ask what happened, so I'm going to skip that whole awkward, 'he hurt himself by accident when we were goofing around'-- which btw, is what he told the doctors).

Alright! We were in bed. I was crying, he was tired and wanted to sleep. I was complaining that we didn't spend enough time together (which we don't). And he was pissed that I couldn't stop crying. So he punched the wall. Yup he punched the CEMENT wall.

The wall won! (Like don't you just hate when that happens?)

But I didn't find out till about 10 minutes later because of my blubbery 'life is unfair state' to even realize he was in pain -- to even realize he punched the wall in the first place. Yup good job wife!!!! (there goes the wife award for this year, and possibly the next 10)

He finally told me, after 10 minutes, that he thought he needed to go to the hospital. He was in pain, I could tell.

We grabbed an ice pack a rushed off to the best hospital in Seoul, which also happens to be really close to my house.

And there we stayed for 3 hours -- 8 x-rays later, the doctors told us he broke his hand. Yup it was broken. I saw the x-ray myself. They tried to set it then cast it, then they told us he'd probably be scheduled for surgery in 3 days.

Waiting to find out if it was broken
"Smile and hold your cast on your head!"
"Hold here, while I move your broken finger"
In the mean time I couldn't help but notice how dirty the hospital was. Like are there no janitors employed in this place or what?
Hummm.....dirty diaper in the waiting area, right beside the chairs
Shit piled everywhere and pieces of gauze on the floor. Disgusting crusted on stuff on the table top. Like, is this hygienic or am I being too picky?
I shouldn't judge since I'm not very organized myself, but this is a hospital emergency room people!!!
So Sung Hyun's going back to work tomorrow. Did I mention he's a welder?
Like w.t.f?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Just got an email from my boss saying that one of the teachers may be infected with H1N1. The Health Department has been trying to contact her due to a positive H1N1 test!

And she lives in my building!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend with Family!

Last weekend I hung out with Sung Hyun's family. We headed to the West sea for some fun in the sun. But unfortunately by the time we arrived it was low tide so there was no swimming for us!

For some reason I can't find the pictures Sung Hyun took with his fancy camera so I've been holding off on this post. And I still can't find them. So here are some of the high lights (from my camera) in no real order:
ready for bedSung Hyun's sister picks some peppers
Can you believe there are 7 ppl in the back seat? Three adults and four children
a field of rice
old lady dries red peppers
Crab time
cutting up the craboctopus timecutting up the octopusone lazy boy

Sunday, August 16, 2009


On our last day, we stayed in the villa until check out time and then rented our driver for the rest of the day! Today's plan was some market shopping. We also headed to a sports store to pick up some clothes for Sung Hyun. We finished our day with a tour of a temple and a seafood dinner on the beach before we headed back to the airport.

Heading to the market:

Everything was so cheap...... A beautiful garden (maybe house) around the market area Another offering site
We went to a bakery called Bread Talk and they had real western stuff. Like the yummiest banana bread ever!!
Some photos of the temple by the sea:
We had to tie a ribbon around our waist before we entered the temple
Just hanging out!!! We had to be careful with these monkeys because they snatched everything. Hence the reason I was told to take off my glasses and earrings
Pretty cool!
Sat on the beach, listened to the waves and watched a dance while eating some fresh seafood (psst, I had chicken)
Our trip was over so our driver dropped us off at the airport. We were sad to leave Bali. Our honeymoon will be remembered forever!!!!!


Another day in the villa. A day we spent swimming amongst the rose pedals and goofing around with the camera!!!
Everyday we had a chef cook us a luxury breakfast of our choice. It was nice to wake up and not have to do a thing!!
And the following photos are probably not that interesting to anyone but ourselves ;)
Not a third nipple, just a misplaced rose pedal, I promise
Beautiful weather to coincide our beautiful day!!!!