Thursday, July 23, 2009


How can I connect three random pictures and tell a story:
Crazy rainy season is here. Rain, rain, rain and then some more. Luckily we've had nice weather the past week! But last week the Han River overflowed and swallowed up some biking paths
Speaking of bikes........these are the Pizza Hut delivery service bikes looked up for the night
Speaking of pizza delivery is a picture I took from my computer tracking how long it would take for the pizza to arrive at my door. Just 4 minutes and 31 seconds left. Domino's pizza, I love you ;)

So there is your dose of three random pictures of nothing

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Run With Kim said...

Great job connecting the pics. I wish they delivered everything here like in Korea. Of course, we'd be even more an obese country if McDonald's or Star Bucks delivered. :o)