Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mud Festival

I have been going to the Mud Festival every year since I've been in Korea. And I've always had a good time. Check it out here and here and here. Each experience has been completely different yet still completely fun. It certainly was different this time mostly because we didn't get muddy.
The KTX (high speed train) ride is always exciting
And then of course Sung Hyun has to bring along some snacks. Fried chicken and ice cream.........ummmm what a great combination!
This one is for Alisa.........who couldn't make it to mudfest this year. We had a momosa (champagne and a little OJ) for you!
Almost there. Do you like my soju earrings?
First stop was to meet up with all our friends who had a few hours to roll around in the mud. The awesome soju gun!
Dinner with friends
Cheers! Oh Myra.......
Sung Hyun has a go
Mudfest isn't complete without a beer on the beach
Sung Hyun hangs with the boys
Midnight snack. Hog dog deep fried in french fries......YUCK!
Then randomly we met up with Diana and her fiance Min Gi. And we invited them to our room for a few drinks. What a fun couple!
Had an after midnight clam bake Not so bad
And then I ran into TJ, another friend from my first year in Korea
Shar makes us 'good morning' breaky
The next day we were going to hit up the beach and get all dirty, but it was so crappy outside and no one was on the beach. The wind was so crazy so we parked out butt in a coffee shop.
We watched the crazy Koreans in the water
And listened to Sung Hyun try to serenade us

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snowmon said...

It's the best when you encounter your friends at random places especially when you're drinking. LOL@soju gun!! epic! never thought of that xD