Sunday, July 05, 2009

The meeting!

Sung Hyun and I were pretty nervous to have the families meet -- more Sung Hyun than me. In Korea it's kind of a really big deal. So last minute we decided that we better bring along Judy for her translating skills. And thank goodness she came because everything went really smoothly with her help. Sung Hyun was so nervous he was shaking......he hardly said a word ;)
Dad trying his best to eat Korean food!
Sung Hyun acting as the server
Mom and me
My mom couldn't believe all the food that came out. And then after we thought it was all over they brought out round #2 Sung Hyun's oldest brother-in-law took a liking to my dad (and vice versa). Here they are trying to communicate with one another. I went out to translate, but then was told to bugger off because they were going to attempt it themselves. And they managed!
Happy it went well. We all agreed that it couldn't have been more perfect ;)

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Anonymous said...

Glad it went ok! I have missed your posts and pictures!! My parents have only ever met Seans parents here in canada. Ended in a fight LOL!
Cindy (Samuel, madalyn, Rachel)